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"Our very bright and inquisitive 4 year old daughter had extreme sensitivities to socks and grooming, and a lot of fears.  She would cry hysterically in the morning before schools and could not settle down in the evenings.  She feared new physical activities.  In just one month of working with Janet, and applying the techniques that she taught us, our home in more peaceful.  Our daughter can now tolerate socks, can calm herself through her fears.  She is more active and confident, and approaches new activities with excitement.  She especially looks forward to her weekly visit with Miss Janet.  The techniques we have learned are invaluable!"


Kay C.


"Our son Antonio was always on the go,  had difficulty with transitioning from one activity to another, and was becoming more physical when frustrated.  We brought this up to our pediatrician and the reply was "it's normal for a boy his age."  The mother in me wanted to accept that answer but the occupational therapist in me just could not .  I was worried that he would have issues when he starts kindergarten so we pressed for an OT evaluation.  That was the best decision we made.  My son was identified as sensory seeking and had aversions as well.  He started therapy during the summer with Miss Heather and he is doing very well in school and at home."


Mary Ann M.