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"When we adopted our one-year-old daughter from China earlier this year it was immediately clear that in addition to being smart, friendly, and adorable she also had some "catch-up" growth and skills to work on, which is common for children who have spent their first year or more in an orphanage.  So, for the past 6 months since we became a family, we have entrusted our daughter's developmental needs to a variety of therapists and specialists in our area.  We were relieved when Margaret Gokey opened Pathways specifically for pediatric therapy to add to our wonderful cadre of specialists, and we have been really pleased with the occupational therapy that Janet is providing.  Not only does our toddler (now 21 months old) love her therapy sessions, she applies what she learns at home.  My own observations of the sessions provides me with invaluable knowledge about what my daughter does, what she is capable of doing, challenges that motivate her, and benchmarks she needs to strive for at her age level.  Janet takes her role in earnest as a parent educator, giving us ideas for what kind of "homework" we can do to give our little the practice she needs.  In addition to the excellent occupational therapy, we'd love to see speech/language and feeding/swallowing therapy! Sarah and Janet have been very helpful and flexible with finding a schedule that works for us, and with working with our insurance.  We are very happy Pathways Pediatric Therapy parents."


Rina Faletti and David Huang, Napa