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              Pathways Pediatric Therapy is offering handwriting evaluations at their clinic in Napa using the Handwriting Without Tears   program, Print Tool.  It is developmentally based and appropriate for children with Pre-kindergarten level skills through printing and cursive. It is an easy and fun way to learn the skills that often frustrate children, parents, and teachers. The program is also designed to use with left-handed children and includes easy steps for pre-writing skills, and learning printing and cursive handwriting for children of all ages and developmental levels. The scores obtained direct treatment to the areas essential to handwriting success, including letter memory, orientation, placement, size, start, sequence, control and spacing.

K – 5th   Letters and Numbers.  The 1:1 treatment helps children develop good handwriting in a fun and engaging way.  The focus is on the development of consistent habits for letter formation from printing to cursive by focusing on pencil grip, body awareness, skills and remediation. We help your child take apart each letter and see the easy components. The specially designed tools help to develop each skill and the special paper will help to guide your child to write clearly and cleanly.  


The areas to be addressed by the sessions include:

Eye Tracking Screening  

Upper Body Strength & Positioning

Motor Planning

Attention To Task

Tactile Discrimination

Fine Motor Skills

Pencil Grip

Hand/Eye Coordination

“The truth is that mastering handwriting sets children up for other learning successes. Handwriting builds confidence, teaches children to have an organized approach and enhances their ability to communicate.”

                                                        - Jan Olsen, OTR & founder of Handwriting Without Tears.

TAUGHT BY: An Occupational Therapist

TIME: A 50-minute session will be scheduled, with 10 additional minutes for parental discussions. A follow up 50 minute session after the evaluation, is to review results and develop a program, to build on skills.

SUPPLIES: There is a workbook. Other supplies may be needed including a chalkboard and chalk.  

COST: $240 for the evaluation and follow up session with an additional charge for workbook and other supplies.  Payment is to be made before sessions  start